Bitcoin Wars

"A bidding tabletop card game with bitcoins and robots."

This is just a card game. No real Bitcoins are needed to play it. You only need a deck of Bitcoin Wars cards, 2 dice and at least 1 friend.




Bitcoin Wars Creative

Outbid your friends. Don't let them steal your BITCOIN.

Bitcoin Wars is a card game about Bitcoin. It's intense, smart, and infinitely replayable.

Bitcoin Wars 5 bitcoins

✔ Outbid / outsmart your friends

✔ Takes 1 min to learn but you can play it for hours

✔ Family friendly

1. How to win?

The game objective is to be the first to collect five Bitcoin cards.

Bitcoin Wars

2. Start the game

At the beginning of the game, each player takes 6 cards from the deck.

Bitcoin Wars

3. Set the price

Each player in turn throws the dice to set the price of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Wars

4. Outbid your friends

Try to buy a Bitcoin by making the highest price offer, but don’t go broke.

Bitcoin Wars

5. Strategize

Stack the odds in your favour by using special cards for mininghacking, pump & dumpblocking bids and more.

Bitcoin Wars

Interested? Read the game rules to find out more.

Bitcoin Wars - The Card Game Full Set
Bitcoin Wars - The Card Game Full Set
Bitcoin Wars - The Card Game Full Set
Bitcoin Wars - The Card Game Full Set
Bitcoin Wars - The Card Game Full Set
Bitcoin Wars - The Card Game Full Set

Bitcoin Wars - The Card Game Full Set


A strategic tabletop bidding card game. Play with 2 to 6 players. Family-friendly for ages 8+. Makes for a perfect Christmas gift. Takes 2 minutes to learn and each game lasts for about 15 minutes of fun, depending on the number of players. 

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We tested and played the game with over 700+ participants of various ages, from kids to people who are hearing about bitcoin, nft, web3 for the time. The focus is to gradually learn about the concepts of web3 through play and fun. Using logic and math adds additional educational value.


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These are not real reviews; we made them up. It's still a great game.

I really want to try this cool game, but unfortunately nobody is around. I can’t wait to play it with my family when they return home. I gotta go; someone is knocking on the door.

Kevin McAllister (8yrs)

My crew and I played this amazing card game on our spaceship, until we realised there is an alien onboard. Only I survived. 

Ellen Ripley (30 yrs)

Meh. I've seen better... (burp). A complete rip off of UNO and MONOPOLY BID with 2 dice... big deal. However I've seen worlds where this game became popular. Why? Don't know. Don't care.

Rick Sanchez (70 yrs)

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