By Zeljko Hudoletnjak

Bitcoin Wars, a bitcoin themed bidding card game like no other.

Watching Shark Tank, Kevin O'Leary always comments on how the "toy" industry is the toughest market to try and break into. Quote: "It's savage, it's ruthless".

It is, it's both savage and ruthless but it's also a lot of fun. It brings out the best in us, we feel like kids again, only now we can actually create something for real.

It has more similarities with UNO, in terms of gameplay design, but the overarching theme we always had in mind was more in line with MONOPOLY (the card game).

There are no hats, cars or puppies, no jails, no hotels in our game, but if you like winning by accumulating wealth ( in our case Bitcoins ) by using math, wits and brains, you will most definitely love Bitcoin Wars.

“It is a practical demonstration of the present system of coin-grabbing”. The main object is the same as the human race, in general, seems to have, the accumulation of wealth.”

The quote was taken from the inventor of Monopoly, Lizzy Magie, we just swapped "land for coin", so at its core, Bitcoin Wars aims to follow a similar formula.

Sure, unlike Monopoly, Bitcoin Wars is not "a game of life" and you are not going to jail or be set free if you pay $50 that you just borrowed from a friend. You don't buy hotels or rent out properties that you own. But what you can do is experience the ups and downs of owning Bitcoin. Experience what it's like to win and lose riches trading Bitcoin.