Summary rules of the game.

1. Deal 6 cards from the main deck to each player. Decide which player gets to go first.

2. First to throw the dice is the first to bid. The bidding price for bitcoin is determined by multiplying the numbers on the dice. 2 x 10 = $ 20,000

3. You can either bid or pass on the bid. The player throwing the dice always needs to bid first. 

4. After everyone bids have been placed, reveal your bids. The player to the right won this bid by a margin of $ 2,000. He gets rewarded a bitcoin card.

5. The cards he used to win the bid go to the discard pile. All the other players get to keep their bids since they didn't win any bitcoin.

6. After each turn every player gets to draw one card from the main deck. When you bid, you can also combine money cards with special cards.

7. First player to collect 5 bitcoin cards wins the game! After each turn your chances of winning 5 bitcoin to win the game are always changing.

For detailed game rules, please see the instruction manual.

Instruction Manual